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Our Mission:

Should you decide to pursue this opportunity, we offer:

  • To help you take ownership of your career strengths. 
  • To help you communicate your career strengths to potential hiring managers.
  • To prepare you to answer interview questions you never anticipated would be asked. 
  • Telephone training techniques that connect you to decision makers not someone in HR.
  • Different letter styles and templates to write specific targeted letters.
  • To help you determine which resume style is best for your specific knowledge and skill set.
  • To teach the confidence to ask meaningful specific position related questions.
  • To teach you to know if a job or job offer is right for you.
  • To teach you the confidence to negotiate salary, perks, and benefits.
  • To help shorten future periods of unemployment.
  • To teach you to become the top candidate for the position.

Help Fix My Career

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