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     Dragonfly sorcery series

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The Trials

     A thrilling Hero's Journey Archetype, young adult, fantasy novel. An unusual hero is thrust into adventure when an unknown disease spreads across the land.

     Erick the Cleric must form a group of adventurers to discover, cure, and defeat the evil behind the disease. Follow the heroes as they transition from students to respected members of their communities. Their skills and abilities are tested as they learn more about themselves and the world they live in while facing increasingly difficult challenges along the way.

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The Dragonfly World

     The Dragonfly World is still developing.  After working on several stories earth's mythology could no longer support the goals and desires of the author.  To date ten new races have been developed.  One race has been described by a reader as "so much better than Tolkien's Orcs". 

     Many have asked about the world name.  Dragonfly comes from the fairies that populate the series.  Fairies are able to disguise themselves as dragonflies and move about freely if they want their friends to know they are nearby.  Fairies don't always do this however. 

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Future Titles

The Keepers of Druidai (in edit)
Cleric of Druidai
The Goddess of Druidai
Origins (Dragonfly Sorcery Origin Stories)
The Exploitations of a Rogue Damsel Trilogy (in edit)

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