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A Bright Light in a sea of darkness

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Quasar Publishing's Goals
Quasar Publishing engages in four platforms. 
Children's books, The Zoo Adventure Series, are beginner and intermediate reader books that delight and entertain children of all ages.
Fantasy genre, the Dragonfly Sorcery Series, is a fresh new approach to fantasy.  We challenge the typical fantasy norms and introduce new races of adversaries to frighten and exhilarate our audiences.
Our education focused product, Exceed State Standards, helps teachers guide students through our 24 step essay writing program.  The program catapulted our test market students AYP, Average Yearly Progress, 35% in state writing assessments over a ten year test period.  The gains were consistently six times higher than the state's expectation for student writing improvement.
Our career focused product, Help Fix My Career, is a researched and proven career advancement system that guides our clients to maximize potential utilizing the skills and talents they already possess.  It targets their career search, focuses on their strengths, streamlines their resume and trains clients promote themselves to the right audience, ask the right questions, anticipate their future employers' needs, in a highly organized, efficient system.
Zoo Adventure Series visits elementary schools.  'Are You My Friend' is an early reader book with a valuable message.  Our clients have told us they want to share the message with their high school and college aged children as well as their grand-kids.  There really is no age limit for this valuable message about friendship.  Please contact us to schedule a visit to your school. 

Zoo Adventure Series and Quasar Publishing visit book festivals all over the country.  Look for us in your festival's children's sections as well as publisher or sponsor sections at book festivals near you. 

Exceed State Standards is looking to hire teachers to learn, present, and promote our program at education conferences, conventions, and schools all over the country.  Do you have what it takes to book your own engagements and present to groups of teachers and administrators at their schools?

Help Fix My Career is promoting their service all over the United States.  Stay tuned to social media and radio advertising for an opportunity to help you fix your career.
Future Authors
Quasar Publishing will soon be accepting and promoting work from other authors.
Children's books: Characters must be earth based animals.  When submitting work please indicate if you have provide your own artist or require art work.  Submitted artwork must be Adobe Illustrator compatible. 
Fantasy books: Please identify as YA or adult fiction at submission.  Anthologies, short stories, novels, must be your own world or Dragonfly Sorcery Series compatible.  No fan fantasy fiction or fantasy that follows the intellectual property of others. 
Science Fiction books: Please identify as YA or adult fiction at submission.  Anthologies, short stories, novels, must be your own world.  No fan science fiction or science fiction that follows the intellectual property of others. 
About our CEO
Erik Hertwig is an award winning teacher, author, education consultant, and publisher.  He has been awarded teacher of the year, teaching employee of the year, a STEM Superhero Award finalist, and brought his FIRST Robotics team a Rookie of the Year award and won an FRC FIRST Robotics competition at his second event.
A graduate of St. Norbert College in DePere Wisconsin, Erik is a trained researcher and writer.  He has researched libraries, and a US military fort for an historical movie script; developed the successful 24 step essay writing program based on student needs.  He researched, developed, tested, and wrote, a self help, career based, course designed to guide job seekers to the income, position, and status they deserve.

After creating the Zoo Adventure Series and world building the Dragonfly Sorcery Series forming a publishing company and marketing these opportunities was a next logical step.  
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